Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jim and Them Present The Machine!

Once again I hate to disappoint all the people that come here to listen to Brandon slander a "war hero" but the podcast hiatus continues. Although we still have some great stuff for ya!

Jim and Them are back already with a brand new comedy short! It's so new it is different from the last one we posted! Be on the look out cause next week brings the long awaited return of THE PODCAST!

Here are your options Direct Link Download or just click the FUNNY OR DIE vid below. Go ahead take the easy way out, I dare ya!

Click FUNNY, you know you want to.

Jim And Present The Machine

Friday, June 22, 2007

Jim And Them Present: Handicapable

Sorry to disappoint all the Podheads out there, but there will not be a new episode this weekend. Have no fear we still have some new content for you Jim and Them fans in "VIDEO" form! Stay tuned we will be back next week with episode 6, but now a little bit about the new content.

Ask and ye shall receive, the demand was overwhelming! People don't want to just listen to Jim and Them they also want to see them. So we deliver with our first shot at a video, the first of many folks! In this adventure the guys learn about the power of the handicapped.

Download Direct (Right click save target as...)

Or just click play below for the YOUTUBE version!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 5: Second Life

Here we are again boys and girls. Another Sunday, another holy day, must mean ANOTHER JIM AND THEM!

That's right Episode 5 is here, it's queer and it is used to it, so you should be too. If you want a little back story on the main topic it is a game called "Second Life". An online game of reality. My hero in "Second Life" is this guy.

Some work is going on over at HQ of Jim and Them, we will be putting up some old comedy sketches on the site and hopefully getting to work on some new ones. Also we have some equipment coming in to help out on the sound quality of the show. Stay tuned folks, cause it is all happening!

Also you will hear the specifics behind it soon, but the gauntlet has been thrown and Brandon Chaney will soon be doing an open mic stand up which will be recorded for the site. He thinks he will kill, we think not. We'll keep ya posted until then check out Episode 5: Second Life.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 4: A Clip Show Already?

That's right folks!

It's Sunday! It's Jim and Them time!

Get familiar cause Jim and Them are back to drop a new episode like Hiroshima. You might of thought that 3 episodes was enough, you were only half right.

Jim and Them are celebrating the success of the first 3 episodes by making Episode 4 fully comprised of some of the bits that ended up on the cutting room floor of episodes 2 and 3. You might be thinking, "But guys, if it got cut it must suck." to which we reply "Hey, lay off jerk!". A lot of this stuff we really wanted to use in both eps but we want to stick to our 40-50 minute running time and we just had so much greatness we couldn't fit it all in. Episode 4 gives us the chance to share with you our hidden A-1 material.

Drop us some feedback over at the Myspace or the Forums. We should be recording all new stuff this week so if you have something you wanna hear us talk about send it over to those places as well.

So go get listening and fall further into the grasp of Jim and Them!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 3

First it was Spider-man 3


Shrek 3


Pirates 3


Jim and Them burst onto the scene with the best of all the 3's EPISODE 3!

This time Jim and Them change it up a bit with a special guest, who takes us on a lovely ride through a county correctional facility. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you've never been wetter in your life.

Jim and Them keep the funnie comin through the summer of the double 0 seven. Click on episode 3 cause this party is just getting started.

Also do yourself a favor go see Knocked Up.