Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 22: Crackin' A Beer...

Jim and Them are back for the final show of 2007. After a brief holiday break Jim and Them drop a new episode on you and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS DIFFERENT. Same old Jim and Them no changes whatsoever. (Brandon is acting kind of weird though). Jim and Them welcome 2008 with open arms but not before giving 2007 one last poke.


Jamie Lynn/Disney: The tweener crowd still amazes Jim and Them

C.B. RADIO: The C in C.B. Radio stops by to hang out with the Jim and Them crew.

Brandon: Brandon is acting strange all episode

Talkshoe: An unsuspecting Talkshoe fan gets more than she bargained for...

All this and more in JIM AND THEM EPISODE 22.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jim and Them Video Promo!

Here is a quick video promo for the website, hopefully the first of many.

Jim and Them will be in studio tonight (Wednesday December 19th) to record episode 22, keep watching to get in on the live recording!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 21: "A Giant Suit at a Funeral"

The quickest show turnaround in history! Jim and Them just recorded EPISODE 21 on Tuesday the 4th, here is already for your consumption!


With 20 episodes behind them Jim and Them look forward to thousands more. Jim and Them closing out 2007 and heading full speed into '08.

NERD NEWZ: The premiere bit is in full effect.

Tay Zonday: Chocolate Rain is still clinging for it's dear life.

ALL NEWS: The segment that finally has a name, Jim and Them talk about ALL THE NEWS.

All this and Sean Taylor EPISODE 21 lights it up and brings the FUNNIE, keep checking back as Jim and Them prep a year end retrospective, I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU THAT WE WON'T STOP.