Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jim and Them KLAV 2: "Burning Bridges..."

Real Kid Radio keeps trucking along on AM1230 KLAV! Jim and Them started a new episode with their second AM episode. In case you missed it, we are here to serve up the MP3 for your enjoyment! The tone has shifted a bit on this episode as Jim and Them set their sights on some new enemies. In addition to new enemies there could be a surprise guest.

Download Jim and Them on KLAV right here!

So High Above Me: RADIO WARZ begin! Papa Joe from KLAV makes a preemptive strike against Real Kid Radio. Prop comic Joe Lowsomething or other stands in the way of Real Kid Radio's greatness.

Black History Month: Finally respect is given to the greatest month of the year.

Brandon Chaney:
In search of... continues another week.

LOST: The official Lost show is back with great tidbits about the new season.

Download Jim and Them on KLAV right here!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jim and Them Episode 27: "We're Infallible, I Think..."

Jim and Them here to bring you some more verbal intercourse in their latest episode! The podcast goes strong while Jim and Them also air live as a part of Real Kid Radio Friday nights on KLAV AM1230 7-8 PM PST. So download the latest and check them out live on KLAV AM1230 this FRIDAY! You can also call in at 1-866-820-KLAV.


Brandon Chaney:
The search continues but the show must go on.

Pop-pop Pop Music: Talk about? That is exactly what Jim and Them do best.

Political News: "Yes We Can"? Maybe. Celebrity political endorsements a must!

Saudi Arabia: This just in Saudis are savages.

All this and more on EPISODE 27! DOWNLOAD HERE!

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jim and Them Episode 26: The American Dream

Jim and Them are staying true to their roots hot off of their AM radio debut! They still care about their Internet fame here on Although truthfully this episode was recorded before their big debut so some of the news is a week off, but have no fear another new episode is right around the corner! Jim and Them fans just can't get enough!


Meet The Spartans: This episode of Jim and Them has been brought to you by the funniest movie of 2008!

Heath Ledger:what's that about beating a dead horse?

NEWS:Jim and Them's favorite stories of a few weeks ago!

Al Sharpton:Big Al is up to his old tricks.


All this and more, so take up valuable bandwidth with the latest edition of Jim and Them after that head on over and check out C.B. Radio's AM KLAV debut! Next Friday We Hit and Run then Jim and Them again!

Jim and Them: House Hype Man (For the feed)

Reposting this video for Itunes and the feed.

Jim and Them: Handicapable (for the feed)

This is a repost of our previous vids for the feed subscribers out there and Itunes. Episode 26 will be posted very soon.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Real Kid Radio: Jim and Them on KLAV! "The J-Boys"

Real Kid Radio debuted on KLAV AM 1230 earlier tonight, Jim and Them kicked it off and in case you missed it, here it is to enjoy!


You can listen live on AM1230 in Vegas or ONLINE HERE every week. Next week is C.B. Radio followed by We Hit and Run.

REAL KID RADIO: Brief introduction on what it is we do.

NEWS: Jim and Them's most original bit: The News

LOST: ABC's hit show is back!

Special Guests: Scheduled guests are Heath Ledger, FlowRider and Shirley Phelps.