Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 4: A Clip Show Already?

That's right folks!

It's Sunday! It's Jim and Them time!

Get familiar cause Jim and Them are back to drop a new episode like Hiroshima. You might of thought that 3 episodes was enough, you were only half right.

Jim and Them are celebrating the success of the first 3 episodes by making Episode 4 fully comprised of some of the bits that ended up on the cutting room floor of episodes 2 and 3. You might be thinking, "But guys, if it got cut it must suck." to which we reply "Hey, lay off jerk!". A lot of this stuff we really wanted to use in both eps but we want to stick to our 40-50 minute running time and we just had so much greatness we couldn't fit it all in. Episode 4 gives us the chance to share with you our hidden A-1 material.

Drop us some feedback over at the Myspace or the Forums. We should be recording all new stuff this week so if you have something you wanna hear us talk about send it over to those places as well.

So go get listening and fall further into the grasp of Jim and Them!


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