Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 11: "We Can Do More Than Just Walk On The Moon."

Jim and Them return with your weekly treat of a new episode. Episode number 11 is ready for your consumption and boy is it a doozy. We say it a lot around these parts but there is a lot of stuff that didn't make the cut that is really good, expect to hear it in the future. What can we say? We love ourselves.

There are some mentions of partner show "We Hit and Run" on there, Jake did stop by and you can hear how it went down here.

All of this is building to the big EXTRAVAGANZA we are recording this weekend for episode 12! REAL KID RADIO HISTORY WILL BE MADE! Casey Andreen from Ep. 10 should be in studio as well as the boys from "We Hit and Run". Episode 12 is so big it will crossover into the next edition of "We Hit and Run" as Jake and Sid finally square off! Keeping checking in as we will have all the drama for your mama right here on JIM AND THEM!.

For now soak up the goodness that is Episode 11.


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