Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jim and Them Episode 19: No More Hackers!!?

It's that time of week, JIM AND THEM TIME! We got a doozy for you. EPISODE 19 brings you all kinds of variety! A double episode of equal parts shitstorm and brilliance!


-NO MORE HACKERS:Jim and Them find some new fans/enemies through the glorious science of TALKSHOE. Listen to the first impression Jim and Them leave on an unsuspecting listener. You can interact as well on our TALKSHOE page!

-AMERICAN GANGSTER:One of the biggest movies of the season has been released and the unique point of view of Jim and Them is unleashed.

-DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER:Jim and Them make things a little more serious as they discuss the trials and tribulations of poor Mister Dogg.

All this and more as the path to Episode 20 is coming to an end. Keep an eye out on TALKSHOE and JIMANDTHEM.COM so you can interact with the Real Kid Radio EXTRAVAGANZA on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 16th!


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